10 Tips To Improve Your Web Research Skills


These tips proved to be right for me.

  • When available on search engines use operators such as +, -, ”
  • Never stop searching for keywords and combining them with each other also with different combinations of the operators described above
  • Search keywords on Twitter and on the Google Keyword Tool
  • Use browser text search for quicker browsing (often triggered with CTRL+F)
  • Use Google Alerts to get the latest about your searches.
  • If the topic of your search is covered by news sources you can set a search on Google News and get a RSS with the results of your search.
  • Once you identify some trustworthy sources get their RSS feeds
  • Google is not a panacea on its own. Dig Youtube too. Many times you get related videos that give you other interesting keywords
  • When looking on search engines keep in mind that some commercially hot keywords can cause your results to be biased. The first 10 results might not be exhaustive of tell you what you are looking for. This is due to SEO .
  • Learn to code web crawlers in order to automate searches and filter content

How does someone improve their web research skills?