Digging into the reminderof.me

This is my personal dashboard on reminderof.me


I have just added a new reminder………..

this will be distributed on my personal page which is great for people who want to save into they inbox a list of all my public links after a presentation or a hand shake.


The personal page has a fluid layout and renders gracefully also on mobile and tablets


The new reminder is also distributed………
on my widget so that you can literally embed me on your web pages

<iframe src="http://reminderof.me/embed/ruggero" width="416" height="155"> </iframe>

in JSON format to promote a single url which is the hub for re-distributing my links in any application e.g. for dynamic Javascript tooltips that pop out your up-to-date link list when you hover it.

curl "http://reminderof.me/json/ruggero"


      "title":"I created reminderof.me",
      "quote":"Collect every bit that makes you memorable"

Last but not least, the personal profile is also accessible via barcode………..

qr code

Barcode of my personal reminderof.me page

……….which also happens to be a nice sticker :)


One page for all things me

Less is more

I created reminderof.me because I wanted a better business card.

In my vision, a business card is a bridge between the physical and virtual world. As such, the data in it are immediately usable in the digital world, without wasting time to copy the data manually from the paper card to the phone book.

This business card serves as the point of entry to the digital representations of myself like social networking pages and alike but also whatever means of communication allows somebody to reach me, be it Telephone or Skype.

It adapts to context: paper card for hand-to-hand exchange, mobile site for phone and tablet and full-width layout for computers.

This business card is always connected with relevant professional content I generate on the Web and automatically syncronizes every context to keep up with the growth of sources. (E.g. I start answering questions relevant to my job on Quora and want to integrate it with my business card so that it appears on any device at the same time)
I should be able to add and manage these sources on a simple dashboard where I control what sources I share.

As it happens on the physical world, this business card could be passed-on from my recipient to another person. On the Web this means I should be able to transfer the card via email, embeddable widget like the one above and JSON.

Lately I decided to dedicate my spare time to turn this vision into a web application, and it is now live for you to try.

Whether you are superhero, a magician, or just really good at something, there must be many bits on the Internet that make you memorable.
If you experienced the same needs I had when it comes to sharing your bits, and felt the need of smarter way, I would be pleased to welcome you on reminderof.me

Your feedback is warmly appreciated.

How I lost control of the browser on my iPad

The Diigo browser of my iPad is failing miserably to load in a proper way because of a permanent redirect loop. Basically, every time I open the browser this opens the App Store. There is no escape. Not even if you re-open the browser immediately, you will get the same recirect…it’s a trap!

Here you see a screenshot of a skewed ipad interface during the transition from browser to App Store